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Datacom, RJ45, CAT6, UTP, 8p8c, Unshielded, Twisted Wiring

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Recommended. Easy assembly.
If you need nakrimpovat few cables (typical domestic Lanka, any two computers, a router so) this is an ideal choice. Connectors themselves are great, two-piece design significantly easier installation. Staples first stacking comfortably into the first game, then he fits into the connector itself is easily nakrimpujete. For larger networks more suitable larger package.
Two-piece construction to facilitate crimping Value: Performance
:) works well when you use the amp only to 1Gbit
Very simply crimps. A two-piece design is really cool.
split design minimizes the risk of skipping lived and incorrect wiring
They have their own guide template with which one can prepare the wires and then insert them into the connector.
Due to the folded principle makes easy short unravel.
super, unfolded connector'd already bought
thanks to the two-part composition, easier folding
Pouužívá is easier than 5e connectors (single)
Unfortunately I was unable nakrimpovat jack properly. I do not know if the inside of the insert is wider or narrower side inwards and how much they exceed the wire guide piece, but extreme sever the wires to me :-(
management especially wires
lack of simple instructions, pictures, anything
Coupling using 2 portions of the main parts of the connector and which is first slipped over the cables and then to a connector