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CyberPower B0520SC0-FR

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CyberPower B0520SC0-FR

Is your home progressively teeming with computers and other multimedia devices? The CyberPower B0520SC0-FR provides protection from unexpected overvoltage and power spikes, which could cause irreversible damage of your electrical equipment and appliances. The high-quality multi-outlet surge protector feaures 5 outlets. It works as a must-have accessory for your PC, TV, monitor and other devices, providing an excellent level of protection. The shock protection capacity is 350 J. The surge protector female connector inputs include fork Type E. Indicator lights tells you everything you need to know about how the surge protector works. The body is equipped with main switch, which lets you turn off the surge protector and all the connected devices. The power cable has a length of 1.8m. Parents will be happy to hear that

Key Features of the CyberPower B0520SC0-FR Surge Protector

  • Ensures high-quality protection for your multimedia devices and other electronics
  • outlets in total
  • 7500 A maximum peak current protection
  • Input connectors: fork Type E
  • Main switch for switching off all outlets at once
  • 350 J shock power capacity
  • CyberPower cable length: 1.8m
  • Colour: black



Type Overvoltage protection

Basic connectors

Type and number of connectors

First male connector type Fork Type E
Number of the first male connector 1 ×
First female connector type Fork Type E
Number of the first female connector 5 ×


Features With switch, LED indication
Maximum voltage 250 V
Maximum current 10 A
Number of sockets 5 piece(s)
Colour Black

Cable construction

Cable length 1.8 m
Terminate the connector Bent

Power supply

Shock power capacity 350 J
Maximum current load 10 A
Peak current 7,500 A
Additional Features Main cradle switch, Light indication

Power outlet type

Country Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Austria, Croatia, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia


Control Mechanical

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Code:  CyPOWA16
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  B0520SC0-FR
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