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Crackdown 3 - Xbox One

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Crackdown 3 - Xbox One


Crackdown 3 is aptly named, anything within your reach can be easily broken into a thousand little pieces.

The hero of a futuristic city

The Hero of a Futuristic City

Crackdown 3 is not just about shooting anything that moves. Your task will also be to explore the dark corners of a super-futuristic metropolis. Roam the streets in a vehicle that is able to quickly transform and use your vast array of abilities to stop hordes of fierce criminals.

You find yourself in the skin of an agent with supernormal abilities.

Play as an agent with supernatural abilities.

Odreagujte se parádním akčním zážitkem.

A great action experience where you will not be enthusiastic or breathing.

Advanced physics games

Advanced Physics Engine

Don't be afraid to cut loose - most buildings in Crackdown 3 can be demolished down to the very foundations. The phrase "action gameplay" takes on a whole new meaning when you can throw an entire building at your enemy's head.

Luxusní grafický zážitek

Exquisite Graphics

Since Crackdown 3 a third installment in the series, the developers have had plenty of time to tweak and tune the engine to utter perfection. In addition to highly detailed graphics, the game also boasts improved scene lighting, more enemies, new realistic particles, and much more.

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Type Game
Platform Xbox One
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Genre Action


4k support for gaming Dynamic 4K


Multiplayer Online


Platform Xbox One - box
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Warranty: 24 months
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