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CPUs | Processors

The CPU (processor) is the proverbial brain of your PC. Choosing the right CPU enables you to speed up demanding applications and programs, use the full potential of your graphics card, and even reduce power consumption. Keep in mind that the processor socket must match the socket on your motherboard.

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CPUs | Processors

The term CPU processor (central processing unit) refers to a complex electronic integrated circuit, which is the brain of any computers. Settles into the socket on the motherboard and its selection should pay close attention. The processor is definitely not the part of the computer that should save. Now the processor is actually one of the main factors that affect the overall performance of your computer.

Slowly but surely recede classic single-core processors that are pushed modern multi-core bits. Currently used dual-core, three, quad-core and even six-core processors. Multi-core processor has compared to single core one big advantage. That is the ability to process larger amounts of information at once. So you can have several programs running at the same time, without a significant decline in computer performance. Manufacturers are also currently focus on that processors have as little energy demands. Therefore, processors are now manufactured advanced 45nm process, thus producing less heat dissipation performance and are more energy-efficient. Modern processors work with 64-bit and 32-bit applications.

Primarily processors are divided according to the manufacturer's (AMD and Intel). Both producers and processors developed for different socket (socket). It is therefore necessary to ensure that the selected processor is fully compatible with the motherboard, possibly the one that we are also planning to buy. The important parameters in the selection of the processor are working frequency, system bus frequency, cache size, support for modern instruction and ultimately consumption.

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