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Corsair HX850i

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Very efficient PS That's the asking to be punished. With a 4930K at 4.5Ghz at full load it pulls in 300W (peak). And with the same CPU at full load and 3xGTX980 it pulls in 720W. All at an efficiency of 92%. Make sure you download the Corsaid Link software for monitoring.
Corsair Link - so u can monitor what is going in and what is actually being Delivered to the system. Easily and 4930K runs at 4.5Ghz with 32 gigabytes of RAM and 980 3XGTX at FULL load. Efficiency Totally silent unless under load comes with lots of cables and a nice velcro bag
cable management can be a bit Difficult
tichy Corsair Link Software
850 ka prosecutes without problems I7 2011-03 and two quadra K4000 but it would be expected
emits an unpleasant noise, the fan is not and it sounds like faint sparks really awful damn it for the money not much to be expected of him