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Corsair CX650M

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Corsair CX650M

The Corsair CX650M power supply unit is an excellent choice for basic system builds, offering high reliability, low noise and the flexibility of modular cabling. It achieves up to 85% energy efficiency, complying with 80 Plus Bronze certification, which means less heat generation and lower energy bills. The Corsair CX650M is suitable for PC sets with multi-core processors and mid range graphics cards and it can also deal with multiple HDDs. Its matte finish, gives your system a professional, high-tech look.

Key features

  • Power supply for basic system builds with powerful processors and gaming graphics cards
  • High energy efficiency ensures lower energy bills (80 Plus Bronze)
  • Quieter, reliable cooling under heavy load (thermally controlled fan)
  • Modular cable pack preventing the mess of tangled cables

For every situation

The modular cabling system lets you use only the cables you need. Reduce clutter for a cleaner-looking build and improved airflow. The large-diameter thermally controlled fan makes the power supply quieter at idle and effectively cools the system down under heavy load. Its Active Power Factor Correction allows for reliable power. The extra long fully-sleeved cables are suitable for a full tower chassis. It also features over-voltage, over-power and under-voltage and short circuit protection.

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Performance and format

Performance 650 W
Format ATX


Features and functions Detachable cables, Active PFC, Thermal speed control


Certification 80 PLUS Bronze
Performance 85 %


Connectors ATX 24 pin
Number of PCI express 8-pin
Number of serial ATA 15-pin
Number of molex HDD 4-pin
Number of molex FDD 4-pin

Cooling system

Fan size 120 mm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  UY000a6g
Warranty: 60 months
Product Number:  CP-9020103-EU
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