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Cooler Master IC Value V1

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Cooler Master IC Value V1

Cooler Master IC Value V1 is a powerful heat transfer paste with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. It is electrically non-conductive, so it prevents any component short circuits. It is universally usable for CPU coolers, graphics cards and any other applications.
Parameters and Specifications:
High thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance
Non-electrically conductive, non-incapacitating, non-corrosive
White colour
Specific gravity: 2.5
Thermal conductivity:> 1.85W/mK
Volume resistivity: 1.0E + 10ohm-cm
Thermal resistance: <0,201°C- in2/W
Weight: 3.4g

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Weight 3.4 g

Specific Features

Features Electrically non-conductive
Thermal Conductivity 1.85 W/mK
Code:  CA088c
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  RG-ICV1-TW20-R1
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