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Pouzdro na mobilní telefon CONNECT IT M7

Perfect Versatility

There are many mobilie phone holders on the market, some even boasting that they are perfect for cyclists, But are these phone holders really as versatile as they claim? The M7 phone case holder is so versatile that it can hold mobile phones ranging from 3.5" screens to 6" screens. Other elements, like the design or other dimensions, are simply irrelevant.  

Smart Solution from ConnectIT

The M7 bracket consists of two main parts: a black wheel holder and a red silicone bandage to secure the phone to the holder over its corners. Thanks to the expandability and strength of this bandage, you can easily and safely fix the phone into the holder. This is very easy to do and you can master the technique of putting it in within a moment.  There is also a joint with 360° rotation.

Pouzdro na mobilní telefon CONNECT IT M7
Pouzdro na mobilní telefon CONNECT IT M7

Affordable Solutions

In addition to simplicity and speed of use, the advantage of this solution is also its versatility.  If you were to change your phone, you do not have to buy a second holder for your phone. You can save a lot of money this way. The M7 is therefore smart and affordible.  

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Device size

Min. device size from 3.5 " (8.89 cm)
Max. device size from 6 " (15.24 cm)

Equipment holders

Use for For Mobile Phones
Fit For bikes
Code:  JD801m3
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  CI-632
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