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CONNECT IT ForHealth FootRest Black

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CONNECT IT ForHealth FootRest Black

CONNECT IT ForHealth FootRest

Do not Neglect your Feet

Feet are a very often neglected part of our bodies when we think about the ergonomics of sitting at a desk, whether we use a computer during that time or do something else. This adjustable footrest will help you sit in a more relaxed position to prevent aches and cramps.

Variable Settings for Maximum Comfort

The footrest's height can be adjusted from 110mm to 124 mm; doing so also changes its angle. Features a bumpy, anti-skid surface to massage your sore feet and provide a stable and comfortable sitting experience. Do something for the health of your feet!

CONNECT IT ForHealth FootRest

For Health - Yours!

FOR HEALTH products are designed to make working with a PC more healthy. By using them, you reduce the burden on the body that all-day computer sessions cause and reduce the health problems that could arise as a result. Create a high-quality and ergonomic environment for long-term work on your computer.


  • Adjustable height and angle for maximum comfort
  • Height: 110-124mm
  • Anti-slip surface for greater stability
  • Colour: Gray
  • Bumpy surface to massage your sore feet

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