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Concept ZV2000 Perfect Air

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Concept ZV2000 Perfect Air

Humidity levels



Ideal for home use

Thanks to its compact size and high performance it fits anywhere in your home. The bulk tank ensures that it stays long enough and you can relax in peace.

The principle of ultrasound

The ultrasonic humidifier produces cold steam and hot steam - just choose what you like. The great advantage of the appliance is its low energy consumption, as is already the case with ultrasonic humidifiers. The power consumption of the Concept humidifier is 110 W. Thanks to the principle of a 2.4 MHz high frequency oscillator, it can create a very fine pair.

Humidity setting

In order to fit everything into your picture, you can set different degrees of humidity - 45%, 55% and 65% . You can also select the steam intensity. Auto On / Off keeps the ZV2000 Perfect Air running at any time so that it can turn on and maintain the set humidity level at any time.

Concept ZV2000 - first aid in colds

If you are breathing at home or are a member of your home asthmatic or allergic, you will appreciate a humidifier. The Concept ZV2000 Perfect Air has an attractive design that fits easily into the interior of your room and will be appreciated even during the heating season, when the air in homes is generally drier. Je vhodný do místností o velikosti 40-50 m2.


An important function of the air humidifier Concept is ionization, which increases the amount of ions in the air and thus contributes to a much better air quality. You will feel much better and more focused. Ionisation also helps to fight headaches.

Perfect Air products

Concept offers a range of products to ensure fresh and clean air, so you can enjoy moments of well-being.

Technical parameters

  • Suitable for a room of 40-50 m2
  • Power consumption: 110 W
  • Water tank volume: 5 l
  • Humidification power: 300 ml / h, 400 ml / h
  • Noise: 30 dB
  • Good working hours: 15 h
  • Preheating water to remove bacteria and viruses during steam emission
  • 3 degrees of humidity setting (45%, 55%, 65%)
  • 3 degrees of steam velocity (L / M / H)
  • Light
  • automatic shutdown when the water tank is emptied
  • A Japanese filter that captures 90% of impurities from water (limestone)
  • ioniser for better user health effects
  • Cable length: 150 cm
  • 2.4 MHz

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Mobile application No
Power consumption 110 W
Humidification capacity 400 ml/hour
Recommended room size 50 m2
Water tank capacity 5 l
Noise 30 dB

Humidifier type

Humidifier type Ultrasound


Function Timer, Moisture maintaining, Automatic shutdown, Adjustable steam release level, Three humidification intensity levels


Colour White


Depth 130 mm
Width 245 mm
Height 355 mm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  CONPA401
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ZV2000