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Concept ZV1000 Perfect Air

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Concept ZV1000 Perfect Air




Concept ZV1000 - first aid in colds

If you are poorly breathing at home or a member of your household is an asthma or allergic person, you will certainly appreciate the air humidifier.The ZV1000 Perfect Air concept has an attractive design that fits into the interior of your room and you will appreciate it even during the heating season when the air in the home is generally drier. It is suitabledo místností o velikosti 15 m2The container has a volume of 700 ml and it takes up to 10 hours.You can also choose from two options for adjusting the steam intensity of 40 ml / hr or 80 ml / hr.

12 W

The principle of ultrasound

The ultrasonic humidifier produces cold steam. A great advantage of the appliance is its low power consumption, as it is with ultrasonic humidifiers. A with a power of only 12 W remains highly efficient!


Night lighting

Another indisputable advantage of the stylish air humidifier Concept ZV1000 is night lighting . The light coming out of it is not as sharp as ordinary lighting, so it will mainly appeal to your children who do not want to fall asleep in the dark.

The key features of the Concept ZV1000 Perfect Air humidifier

  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Suitable for a room measuring 15 square meters
  • Easy-fill 700 ml container
  • Noise level 30 dB
  • Concept ZV1000 Perfect Air Humidifiers have night light
  • Easily portable
  • Lead length 150 cm
  • Adjustable steam intensity
  • Attractive design?

Always a perfect climate

Low humidity generally reduces comfort. That's why the Perfect Air Concept ZA1000 air humidifier will surely come to you. It helps to improve humidity throughout the year . For example, in the summer, it will help you fight allergies and in the winter with illnesses. 

Perfect Air products

Concept offers a range of products to ensure fresh and clean air, so you can enjoy moments of well-being.

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Mobile application No
Power consumption 12 W
Humidification capacity 80 ml/hour
Recommended room size 15 m2
Water tank capacity 0.7 l
Noise 30 dB

Humidifier type

Humidifier type Ultrasound


Function Adjustable steam release level, Backlights


Colour White


Depth 12 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 23 cm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  CONPA395
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ZV1000