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Concept OV2000 Perfect Air

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Concept OV2000 Perfect Air

The Concept OV2000 Perfect Air Air Dehumidifier is designed to easily handle unpleasantly humidity in your apartment or house, which often leads to mould formation and bacterial growth. This generally worsens your health. In addition to lowering the humidity in the room, it can also cleanse the air. This mobile dehumidifier is ideal for all types of apartment and household areas under 120 m2. Its excellent performance is seen by its dehumidifying capacity reaching 20 l/day. The 5,5 l dehumidifier water container is large enough for long-term use without the need of monitoring the device. Once the water container is full, the unit will automatically turn off. You'll also enjoy its modest noise level at just 47 dB, which means you can easily let it run when you're at home.

Concept OV2000 Perfect Air Air Dehumidifier Key Features

  • A 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier
  • Dehumidifying capacity up to 20 l/day
  • Recommended room size of 120 m2
  • 5,5 l dehumidifier tank capacity
  • Functions: Power regulation, Air cleaning, Timer, Anti-Freeze, Display and Automatic shutdown

Additional Concept OV2000 Perfect Air Air Dehumidifier Functions

The Concept OV2000 Perfect Air is designed to include a timer, which enables you to to enter when you want the dehumidifier to work to suit your needs. This model can minimise or boost the performance, which enables you to manage the noise level and also energy costs at the same time. If you intend to use the device in low temperatures rooms, you will appreciate the Anti-Freeze function, which protects your device from freezing. Another great feature is the easy to view integrated display that enables you to sort through the specific functions of the device.

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Dehumidifying capacity 20 l/day
Recommended room size 120 m2
Container volume 5.5 l
Noise 47 dB
Mobile application No


Function Air cleaning, Power regulation, Timer, Anti-Freeze, Display, Automatic shutdown

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Code:  CONOV200
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ov2000