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Concept CA1000 Perfect Air

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Concept CA1000 Perfect Air

Concept CA1000 Perfect Air will create cleaner and fresher air and is especially beneficial for people with allergies. This portable appliance is ideal for homes and offices with a size of 35 m2. Its excellent efficiency can be seen by the air volume power – the air purifier can filter at up to 283 m3/hour.

  • Designed for areas of 35 m2
  • Maximum noise level: 55 dB, Minimum noise level: 30 dB
  • Cleaning performance: 283 m3/hour
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Mobile application No
Power consumption 55 W
Air power 238 m3/hour
Recommended room size 35 m2
Maximum noise level 55 dB
Minimum noise level 30 dB


Filters HEPA, Carbon, Prefilter


Function Timer, UV sterilisation lamp, Air ioniser

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Code:  CONPA418
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  CA1000