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Compact System Camera Guide

Compact system cameras, although more similar to SLRs, do not use a mirror, because of their lower weight and smaller body size. They do, however, retain some of the main features and advantages of SLRs.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Small size and low weight
  • Quality image capturing
  • Possibility of manual settings
  • Many additional lenses available
  • Ability to shoot video
  • Larger than compact cameras
  • Higher price than typical compacts
  • The need to purchase extra lenses

Compact System Cameras

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Important points for selection

Body and lens kits

Digital compact system cameras can be purchased separately or, preferably, as a set with one or two lenses.

Chip size (sensor)

The size of the sensor chip affects the resulting depth of field and the quality of the captured image. The larger the chip, the less noise intensity in the resulting image. CCD and CMOS chips differ in production technology but do not affect the image quality.


An important factor to consider when selecting a camera is the range of compatible accessories:

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