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ColorCross 008B

€19.41 without VAT

ColorCross 008B

Join the 3D world at full speed! These glasses open up a whole new way to experience the photos and movies you're looking at. Unlike conventional 3D displays, 3D glasses will immerse you in a virtual realm. Because the outside world can't interrupt, the virtual world becomes your reality.

Key Features

  • Design is improved with easier phone insertion and better cooling
  • Hardened glass protects your eyes
  • Suitable for a range of smartphones (from 4.7 – 6")
  • Easy-access headphone connector
  • Great vision for everyone (IPD and dioptric correction of up to 5mm)
  • Outstanding comfort (adjustable strap + nose padding)
  • Dozens of available VR applications in the Android and iOS stores
  • Control via the supplied Bluetooth driver

Second Generation

The successor to the 008A has improved its user experience. The most noticeable change is the frame attached to the phone. When someone calls, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the glasses to take a call. It saves time, effort and creates a better user experience. The sliding design also has the advantage of releasing any uncomfortable heat that builds up during use. This makes it more convenient for short and long-term use, and also increases the life of the smartphone itself. The padded nose bridge also enhances user comfort. 

Adjustable for Each Eye

Using mirrors, you can adjust the distance between the lenses to match your viewing distance (IPD). This ensures that the 3D display will always be optimal. For those with glasses, there is dioptric focusing with a 5mm correction, so you can see sharply even without corrective lenses. In case more correction is needed, there is enough space for most glasses frames.

Sound Completes the Picture

For the virtual world to really envelop you, you need to one more sense — hearing. On both sides of the glasses, there are openings for headphone connectors. This lets you easily plug in the headphones wherever you like. Just plug the headphones in and you'll be ready to dive into your own private 3D reality.

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Compatible operating systems Android, iOS
Max. supported diagonal of your laptop 5.5 "
Controller included Yes
Code:  SB8150
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ColorCross 008B