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CASIO SL 1000 SC grey

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CASIO SL 1000 SC grey

The Calculator CASIO SL 1000 SC grey can solve simple arithmetic problems, which makes it ideal for both students and businessmen. You'll appreciate the basic functions - root and percent. The calculator also comes equipped financial functions such as vAT calculation and total sum. The advantage of this model is its solar power system with a battery backup, which brings down its energy consumption. This calculator features a 2row display for 10 digits. Moreover, this model includes a protective case that safely covers the calculator against scratches. The calculator's small size makes it the perfect choice for travelling.

CASIO SL 1000 SC grey Calculator Key Features

  • 2row display with 10 spots
  • Power supply: both solar and battery powered
  • Financial functions: vAT calculation and total sum



Calculator type Pocket

Power supply

Type of power source Both solar and battery powered
Batteries AG10 / LR1130 (Knoflíková)


Equipment Protective case, Double zero (00) press-key
Keyboard type Platic


Basic funtions Root, Percent
Money functions VAT calculation, Total sum


Display 2row
Screen width - screen spot number 10

Dimensions and weight

Height 12 cm
Width 7.1 cm
Depth 0.9 cm
Weight 55 g
Code:  QS786d
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  45013576