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Casio FX 570ES PLUS

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Casio FX 570ES PLUS

The CASIO FX 570ES PLUS is a school calculator with a natural fractal display that is especially appreciated by students undertaking secondary school mathematical courses - it offers 417 integrated mathematical functions that cover a large range of subject matter. It allows you to perform fractions calculations, variations and combinations, calculations of integers and derivations, as well as logical operations or matrix computation and many other functions.
The CASIO FX 570ES PLUS has a ten-digit display that is divided into two rows for better application of some functions. It is powered by a AAA battery and is made of solid plastic, which protects against any mechanical damage to the calculator.
Parameters and Specifications:
Calculator type:
scientific, programmable
Number of display locations:
10 exponents
417 of integrated mathematical functions
Calculation of fractions
Variations and combinations
Calculation of integers and derivations
Binary, octave, hexadecimal calculations
Logical operations
Computations with complex numbers
Matrix calculations
Equations calculations
Statistical calculations (standard deviation, regression analysis)
and many more functions
Power supply:
1 x AAA battery
Battery Life:
2 years
12.2 x 80 x 164mm
solid plastic
Colour design:

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Calculator type Scientific

Power supply

Type of power source Battery
Batteries AAA (Micro Pencil)


Equipment Protective case, Automatic turn-off
Keyboard type Platic
Mathematic function number 417 functions


Basic funtions Root
Science functions Trigonometric functions Sin, Cos, Tan, Cotg, Fractions, Logarithmic functions, Complex numbers, Derivatives and integrals, Calculations in DEC, BIN, OCT, HEX, PEN, Calculations with matrices and vectors, Solving linear equation systems, Numeric formulas, Statistics of two variables, Physical Constants, Natural-looking calculation display, Unit conversions


Display Dot
Screen width - screen spot number 15

Dimensions and weight

Height 16.4 cm
Width 8 cm
Depth 1.22 cm
Weight 104 g
Code:  QS770e
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  FX 570ES PLUS
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