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Casio DJ 120 D PLUS

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Casio DJ 120 D PLUS

Are numbers your daily bread? Do you want to feel a sense of infallibility when making calculations? The Casio DJ 120 D PLUS honours the traditional calculators with flawless functionality and adds a host of features that will be appreciated by the math enthusiast, businessman and entrepreneur.

Key Features

  • The twelve-digit LCD makes it easy to perform complex calculations
  • Dual power supply
  • Check for 300 calculation steps
  • Repeated Audit Assist
  • Go To
  • Double zeros button
  • Automatic rounding
  • Buffer for storing results
  • Calculate percentages or squares

Store Results without Paper and Pencils

The soft plastic buttons are comfortable to touch and respond instantly to pressures with a millisecond reaction time. The spacious 12-digit display allows you to perform calculations with countless ranges and the cache then offers the ability to store important results. You will no longer need a paper and pencil.

When Percentages Cease to be Science

The dominant function of the calculator is to calculate the percentage including rounding or square root calculation. If you are “missing“ at elementary school in math classes, the Casio DJ 120 D PLUS will convince you that complicated numerical functions are actually no science.

Parameters and Specifications:


34.6 × 144 × 192mm


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Calculator type Tabletop

Power supply

Type of power source Both solar and battery powered
Batteries CR44 / LR44 (Button cell)


Equipment Automatic turn-off, Double zero (00) press-key
Keyboard type Platic


Basic funtions Root, Percent, 3-digit , Last responce, Recovery
Money functions Costs/sales/revenue calculations, Total sum, Correction button, Mark-up/-down


Display 1row
Screen width - screen spot number 12

Dimensions and weight

Height 19.2 cm
Width 14.4 cm
Depth 3.46 cm
Weight 205 g
Code:  QS772e
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  DJ 120 D PLUS
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