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Canon LS-123K Blue

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Canon LS-123K Blue

The LS-123K calculator will be an instant hit with schoolchildren, entrepreneurs and employees alike. Its design and functionality are suited to virtually any setting. You can choose from four different colour variants. In addition to the standard calculations, this device is also equipped with more advanced financial functions. Tax± adds or subtracts the set rate and makes work easier for those who often add VAT, interest or margins.

The large and clear 12-digit LCD display ensures improved readability in all lighting conditions. In addition, in light of the latest trends, the manufacturer has adhered to environmental standards when designing this calculator, so this particular device includes some components made from recycled Canon products. The calculator has a dual power supply; in addition to the battery, it has a solar panel, so you'll always have plenty of power for your calculations.
Parameters and Specifications:

Numbers: 12 digits
Tilted LCD facing up
View calculation input
Separator after 3 digits
Display screen size: 82 × 22.5mm
Size of digits on the display: 16.4 × 5.3mm

Tax calculation function
Calculation of constants
Total sum
Memory: M +, M-, RM/CM

Percentage: % +/-
Zero keys: 0, 00
Button surface: Plastic
Capture keystroke function
Square root
GT Button
Button for change the +/- sign
Buttons to erase ON/CA, CI/C

Non - slip rubber pads: 4
Automatic power off after 7 minutes

Power source:
Dual (battery + solar)
Battery: 1 × LR44

145 × 104 × 25mm


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Calculator type Tabletop

Power supply

Type of power source Both solar and battery powered
Batteries CR44 / LR44 (Button cell)


Equipment Automatic turn-off, Double zero (00) press-key
Keyboard type Platic


Basic funtions Root, Percent, 3-digit , Recovery
Money functions VAT calculation, Total sum, Correction button


Display 1row
Screen width - screen spot number 12

Dimensions and weight

Height 14.5 cm
Width 10.4 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 119 g
Code:  QN002e
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  9490B001AA
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