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Canon F-715sg black

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Canon F-715sg black

The CANON F-715sg is a reliable and environmentally friendly scientific calculator that will become an indispensable tool during your studies and your working life. It offers a two-line LCD display and it is also worth mentioning that it was constructed from partly recycled materials - it is therefore a clear choice for environmentally conscious buyers. In total, it offers 250 functions and up to 16 digits for internal computations. It is also important to mention the dual power supply - the primary power supply comes from the solar panel. In case of insufficient power supply from this source, the LR44 battery will be used.
Whether you're solving a problem while studying, working on a task or running a test, the extra-large two-line LCD will give you the perfect support. Inserted data is displayed in the top row and results at the bottom. The character size on the main display is 9.6 x 3.96 millimetres, which ensures perfect readability. A variety of functions include, in addition to basic functions, a variety of practical possibilities from trigonometry, statistics, physics and techniques. This calculator is also easy to store.
Parameters and Specifications:
Display:Digits: 10 + 2 (up to 16 digits for internal calculations)Rows: 2Display size: 61 x 25mmDisplay character size: 9.6 x 3.96mm
General calculations
Inverse trigonometry
Angular unit
Coordinate transformation (Cartesian <-> polar)
Factor, Combination, Permutation
Random number
Statistical calculations (2 variables)
Fractional conversion and decimal number
Calculation of share and difference
Total number of features: 250
17 memories for storing and recalling
Other Features:
Solid sliding cover
Automatic shutdown
Battery discharge indicator
Power supply:
Solar cell and battery
Battery: LR44
165 × 80 × 14.5mm (without cover)
168 × 86.3 × 17.8mm (with cover)
Color design:

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Calculator type Scientific - allowed for final graduation exams

Power supply

Type of power source Both solar and battery powered
Batteries CR44 / LR44 (Button cell)


Equipment Protective case, Automatic turn-off
Mathematic function number 250 functions


Basic funtions Root
Science functions Trigonometric functions Sin, Cos, Tan, Cotg, Logarithmic functions


Display 2row
Screen width - screen spot number 12

Dimensions and weight

Height 16.8 cm
Width 8.63 cm
Depth 1.78 cm
Weight 124 g
Code:  QN002g30
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  5730B001