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C-TECH SPK-09 black

€6.12 without VAT

C-TECH SPK-09 black

The Speakers C-TECH SPK-09 black delivers unparalleled stereo sound that will delight any true fan of good music. The C-TECH SPK-09 black speakers give you the chance to really enjoy the finest details when you are playing a videogame or watching a movie.

C-TECH SPK-09 black Speakers Key Features

  • Active (independent) speaker configuration: 2,0
  • Total performance: 4 W


System type

System type 2.0
Active/Passive Active (independent)


Overall performance 4 W


Outputs 3.5 mm Jack
Code:  MC505a21
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  SPK-09BK