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C-TECH Filament PLA gold

€11.31 without VAT

C-TECH Filament PLA gold

The C-TECH filament serves as the raw material for 3D pens and printers. The filament delivers excellent characteristics for high-quality printing of fine details. The product offers great production quality and it's completely free of the typical filament odour. The Gold 3D filament colour retains its bright hue long after the printing is finished. The filament weights cca 1 kg. The overall flexibility is 2 - low. The nozzle temperature when printing must reach 230 °C, while the bed must be heated to 60 °C. The C-TECH filament is made of PLA. PLA compound is popular due to its biodegradability, versatility, and excellent material quality.

C-TECH Filament PLA gold Filament Key Features

  • Gold printing filament for 3D printers and pens
  • Filament temperature resistance: 2 - low
  • Total length: 330 m
  • Material: PLA
  • No unpleasant odours and minimal bubble formation
  • 1,75 mm filament diameter is suitable for printing articles with fine details
  • Total weight: 1 kg



Colour Gold


Material PLA


String diameter 1.75 mm
Roll length 330 m


Weight 1 kg


Max. Nozzle Temperature 230 °C
Pad Temperature 60 °C
Flex 2 - low
Temperature Resistance 2 - low

Number of pcs per pack

Number of pieces in package 1 piece(s)
Code:  DF600w
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  3DF-PLA1.75-GL