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Brita Maxtra Plus 4 Pack

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Brita Maxtra Plus 4 Pack

Newly improved BRITA filters offers now more efficient water filtration than ever before. Improved filter composition and new filtration technology ensure even more effective capture of chlorine and other substances that adversely affect the taste of water. The reduction of scale and heavy metals is still on the same level which prolongs the life of household appliances. To filter 1 liter of water it takes place within a minute so do not worry long waiting for a glass of clean water. The pack contains 4 new generation filter cartridges. With the new filter you will get even better water quality without having to invest in purchasing a new filter pot. 

Key features

  • The new generation of Maxtra filters
  • Improved composition, more efficient water filtering
  • Filter mixture only from natural substances
  • Unique 4-stage filtration
  • New Filtering Technology - MicroFlow
  • Higher amount of filter mixture
  • High reduction of heavy metals
  • Great reduction in hardness of water and limescale
  • Reduction of chlorine improved by 25%
  • Better taste and aroma of beverages and cooked food
  • Longer life of appliances
  • Easier filter change
  • Compatible with older BRITA filter pots
  • Fully recyclable
  • Designed for potable water treatment

New MicroFlow technology

Innovated Brit MaxtraPlus filter cartridges have now a new shape that makes installation and replacement easier. However the composition of the filter mixture was improved. As the name of the technology used suggests the filter is made up of Micro Carbon Pearls, which are made of coconut shells. The micro size of the active particles allowed the amount of filtration mixture to be increased. Multiple particles mean more micro pores that capture unwanted substances and hence greater water filtration efficiency. When removing chlorine and the other substances that negatively affect the taste and scent of water the new generation filter is more efficient by 25%. A high level of water hardness reduction and limescale and heavy metal reduction have been maintained.

Four degrees of water filtration

Pre-filtering of water to capture organic impurities and rust takes place immediately after the water has been poured into the kettle. Newly, a finer strainer was used at the top of the filter to prevent the trapped particles from being released into the filtered water. Subsequently, the water comes into contact with its own filter mixture, which is made of resin and silver-plated carbon. Both filters passed through food tests. The resin reduces the hardness of the water and thus the amount of limescale and reduces the heavy metal content that may occur in the water pipe. At the same time, it retains magnesium and calcium in the water. When water is contacted with active carbon microparticles, the content of substances that adversely affect the taste and scent of water such as chlorine and its compounds or pesticides is reduced. Silver carbonation prevents the possible reproduction of undesirable bacteria. The bottom side of the filter was equipped by a finer grid that provides final filtration.Despite the special filter network will none of the particles get throught the filter mixture.

Environmental friendliness and friendliness

BRITA Home Filters are designed to treat drinking water. Its purpose is to increase its quality and improve its taste. In any case it will not convert water from the wrong source to the drinking water. Brita MaxtraPlus filter body is made of plastic that does not contain harmful compounds and is designed for permanent contact with water. Water filtration is provided only by natural substances - resins and silver-plated active carbon made from coconut shells. BRITA filters are fully recyclable so the used filter cartridges can be returned to distributors. BRITA then carries out their recycling. 

Why use BRITA filters?

Thanks to filters BRITA MaxtraPlus you will convert the worst tap water into a pure and tasty. Filters in water significantly reduces the content of substances that negatively affect the taste and scent of water. These are heavy metals coming from water pipes (lead, copper, aluminum) and taste and odor-free chlorine and its compounds. Filters also greatly reduce the hardness of the water and thus the limescale. The softer the water, the greater the ability to dissolve the aromatic substances so the beverages prepared from the filtered water have a more pronounced and better taste and aroma . Water is also good for cooking and steaming, food will keep its colour and smell better and maintain a better structure. When cooking cabbage and fish dishes their smell is lost. Decreasing the amount of limescale will also be beneficial for the lifetime of your household appliances, especially those that serve to heat the water. Soft water will also please your house plants. After watering with filtered water, you will surely reward yourself with lush growth.

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