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Bravo Team - PS4 VR

€19.41 without VAT

Bravo Team - PS4 VR

Bravo Team

Join the Bravo Team and experience an unforgettable adventure full of intense combat and lightning-fast decision making. 

Bravo Team

The game throws you right into the action. Hide behind every cover and use your cunning to eliminate the enemy.   



Bravo Team


Communication is do you proceed? What weapons do you use? What do you know about the area? Work as a team and come up with a strategy that will lead you to success.  

Bravo Team

Survive in hostile environment

Bravo Team takes place in a fictitious modern Eastern European city. Your mission goes wrong and the president of the country is assassinated, bringing the country to the brink of the civil war. Teamwork is essential here. Bravo Team features an expansive single and co-op multiplayer campaign. Team up with your friends and get ready for battle. 

Bravo Team

Superior accuracy with PlayStation Aim. 

Bravo Team features full support of the PlayStation Aim controller. Take advantage of its accurate tracking and vibration technology to achieve an unparalleled level of aiming accuracy in combat.   




Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


Genre Action, FPS, VR


4k support for gaming Without 4K


Multiplayer Online


Text EN
Dubbing EN

PEGI rating

Age limit 16 year(s)
Game content descriptors Violence


Platform PS4 - box
Edition VR

Virtual reality

Virtual reality VR REQUIRED
VR platform PlayStation 4
Code:  MSX449
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PS719955566
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