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BRAUN Series 3 3045s (Wet & Dry)

€90.71 without VAT

BRAUN Series 3 3045s (Wet & Dry)

Rough on your beard. Gentle on your skin.

Braun is an iconic German brand that specialises in producing precise, world-class shavers. Globally, it is valued for its simple, intuitive design and outstanding performance. Braun is the world's number one among men all over the world. * All Braun shavers have direct, intuitive strokes, so you do not have to cross the same spot twice, which helps to minimise skin irritation. Special cuts which are pressure sensitive and are protected by a patented metal mesh (SensoFoil ™), ensure a clean and close shave with excellent skin comfort. All Series 3 razor blades are designed and manufactured in Germany, ensuring maximum precision and attention to detail. The quality you want to enjoy everyday.

* Based on a survey conducted between July 2015 and June 2016. Source: Leading market research institute.

Pokročilé holení

Advanced Shaving

3 specialised floating blades work together to give a smooth and fine shave. Braun's SensoFoil ™ patented technology protects your skin from ultra-sharp edges.

Technologie Micro Comb

Micro Comb

The ProSkin Micro Comb gathers longer hairs and aligns them so that the majority of your beard is shaved at the first attempt, making your  shavefaster and more comfortable.

Citlivost pokožky

Sensitivity on the skin

The pressure-sensitive Braun automaticall protects your skin to ensure a close shave and smooth skin.

Zabudovaná přesnost

Built-in precision

The extra large cutter on the backis ideal for grooming or trimming long beards before shaving.


Intelligent design

The ProSkin Series 3's shaving performance is achieved thanks to a thin and precise head that can also access hard-to-reach places, such as under the nose.

Holte se nasucho nebo za mokra

 Dry or wet shaving

Series 3 ProSkin shavers can be used with water, foam or gel to achieve even closer shaves and a soft skin feel. In addition, you can even shave with it in the shower.

100% voděodolný

100% waterproof

All Braun shavers are water resistant up to 5m deep. You can practically rinse them under running water so that cleaning them is easy and hygienic.

Vynikající baterie

Superb batteries

The powerful NiMH battery is fully recharged in 1hr and shaver can then be used for 45 minutes without the use of a power cord. A fast 5m charge is enough for 1 shave. The LED will alert you when your shaver needs to be recharged. It is battery-powered and therefore does not have a power cord

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Usage Men's


Use Face

Shaving mechanism

Shaving mechanism Planetary

Power supply

Power Accumulator
Operating time 45 min
Charging time 1 hr(s)

Functions and features

Function Wet shaving, Water resistance, Trimmer, LED Charging Indicator
Length of cut 0.05 mm
Number of attachments 0,05 mm
Package Contents Case/pouch, Protective Case, Cleaning brush, Power adapter

Suitable for

Suitable for Wet Shaving


Colour Blue
Code:  BRAHSP005
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4210201131694