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Braun MGK7021

€87.47 without VAT

Braun MGK7021

Braun multifunction trimmer

10-in-1 set for trimming beard, hair, body hair and smooth shaving.

The perfect hair and hair styling device

Braun MGK7021 is the ultimate multifunctional hair and hair styling machine. One set can handle 10 functions. Adjusts stubble, short, medium or long beard, shapes precise contours, shaves smoothly, cuts precisely, shaves precisely, cuts hair, hair on body and ears and nose.

Braun MGK7021 10v1
  • Braun multifunction trimmers are designed in Germany
  • The trimmer is ergonomic and durable, designed to last up to 7 years

Beard trimming

With 4 attachments you can achieve any hair length between 0.5 and 21 mm. Also included is an attachment for trimming hair in the ears and nose, which trim hairs without unpleasant pulling.

Adjusting hair on the body

Easily and safely adjust all body parts including armpits, chest or groin.

Hair clipping

Use two adjustable extensions to trim your hair to the exact length you need in the range of 0.5-21 mm.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Shaver 

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide shaver with Flexball technology smoothly shaves the neck, cheeks and face.

Contour shaping and precision trimming

Use the trimmer head to create accurate lines and contours on the neck and cheeks. You can also use small trimming attachments to handle small areas such as around the lips.

Lifetime sharp edges

The engine automatically detects the density of the beard, ensuring constant performance even with very thick beards / hair. Combined with life-sharp blades, it will help you achieve perfect results in one stroke without the uncomfortable pulling of the beard.

Long-lasting Li-ion battery

100 minutes trimming. Full recharge in 1 hour. 5-minute single-use quick-release.

100% waterproof

The Braun multifunction trimmer can be used safely in the shower or cleaned under running water.

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Use Face, Body


Usage Men's


Trimmer type For beards, For hair, For nose hairs, Na tělo
Usage method Regular usage


Number of inserts 8
Sharp edge material Stainless steel
Min. cutting length 0.5 mm
Max. cutting length 21 mm
Number of cut settings 13
Controls With the use of buttons


Functions Washable attachments, Self-sharpening blades, Water-resistant, for use in wet environment , Washability, LED charging indicator

Operation and power supply

Operation hours 100 min
Charging time 60 min
Type of power source Battery-powered
Power Battery
Code:  BRAZA944
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  4210201218944