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Boogie Board Play n' Trace

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Boogie Board Play n' Trace

Get a small toy with your toy, which will develop and teach new skills. Draw, write, draw, all children can play with this digital Boogie Board Play n 'Trace. Thanks to this, the baby enjoys not only a lot of fun, but it will also be thereImprove their fine motoring and grammotomics. Also, the children's fantasy of this notebook opens the door wide open. It only depends on what they decide to create. 

Key features

  • The drawing tablet develops fine motor, grammotorics, children's intellect and fantasy
  • The shape of the pallet is designed for children's hands of all sizes and is comfortably held
  • EWriter technology provides a feeling of writing and drawing like real paper
  • Thin, lightweight and durable design makes it possible to have the drawing tablet always at hand
  • In collaboration with experts, iPad apps have been developed to effectively develop children's skills

Space for your child's fantasy

In its shape, the notebook reminds you of the palette of paint, making it comfortable for children's hands of all sizes. Even like the paint palette, the Boogie Board Play n 'Trace is equipped with a practical opening to hold. The notebook is equipped with eWriter technology , which brings a feeling of writing and drawing, like drawing with a pencil on paper. Their masterpieces can be recorded on the translucent surface of the scrapbook by a stylus, which simply places them back to the side of the scratchpad when they complete their activity. The translucent scrapbook display is additionally pressure-sensitive, so the baby can draw differently strong lines.

Anytime, anywhere

Notebook Boogie Board Play n 'Trace is light, thin but durable, so it can be taken anywhere without fear of damage. Power is provided by AAA batteries, whose energy is exhausted only when the child draws the contents . Once the child has created his masterpiece and boasts his parents, he can delete it by simply pressing the erase button and re-embarking on creating a new piece of work without having to waste the paper.

Develop your baby with an iPad app

In addition, iPad apps have been developed in collaboration with children's education experts. It is designed to support children between the ages of 3 and 10 and to effectively develop their skills . As a result, children receive unique learning plans in three possible difficulties. Simply put your tablet under the translucent area of ​​your notebook and let your kids go to work. There are topics like towing, games, numbers, colours and shapes, emotions, letters, and so on. In addition, Boogie Play & Trace can be complemented by 5 sets of accessories to further enhance children's creativity.



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Code:  BB002d1
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PL0310001
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