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Boogie Board JOT 4.5" Blue

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Boogie Board JOT 4.5" Blue

The Boogie Board JOT is a simple black and white tablet that replaces your notepad, fridge notes, labels attached to a monitor, etc. It is ideal for making notes, drawing, sketching or mapping ideas. The 4.5" version is optimised for easy holding in one hand when writing or drawing, and it also fits easily into a pocket or handbag. The black-and-white display is readable even in direct sunlight and offers plenty of space for all of the above-mentioned activities. It is pressure sensitive, so it is not a problem to create, for example, lines of different thickness. The display can be written on using the supplied stylus (special touch pen) or another object, but it is not sensitive to touching by the human finger or wrist, so you can lay your hand on the surface of the screen and nothing will happen. Place the stylus in the prepared hole, where it also serves as a stand.
The contents of the display can be easily deleted by pressing one button. Power is provided by a built-in battery that should last for several years, because the only time that power is drawn is to erase the display. It is truly a versatile universal device that will find a use for everyone. Especially for fans of nice things and modern technology. The device is also suitable for users who do not like to use computers because its operation is really simple and consists of operating a touch pen and a single button for deleting the contents of the display. You can choose from 4 colour combinations.
Parameters and Specifications:
Monochrome reflective display with a 4.5" diagonal
Power supply:
Built-in 3V battery
Lifetime for several years
148 x 92 x 6mm
Supplied accessories:
Protective cover

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Display size 4.5 "
Accessories stylus , protective cover , LCD display
Weight 55 g
Code:  BB001j2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  J3G2C0001