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Do you fight with getting up and looking for the most enjoyable way to start the day in the morning? Bet on a natural awakening for your body with a light that will beautifully kick you up. The Beurer WL32 radio alarm clock simulates sunrise and thus convinces your circadian rhythm that it is the right time to get up. It also offers waking up by radio or classic alarm, and the Snooze feature for those, who love postponing the alarm. The WL 32 model also features a nighttime lamp function, where you can choose the colour of light. 

Key features of the Beurer WL32 beacon

  • Pleasant awakening by simulating sunrise
  • Wake up by radio or sound
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Snooze delayed alarm function
  • Two wake up times configurable
  • Possibility to change the colour of the backlight
  • AUX input for your phone or MP3 player
  • Timeless design that captures your attention at a first glance

It will wake you up into bright shiny day 

Do you need to prevent street lighting from shining into the bedroom when you want to fall asleep, and on the contrary, in the morning, do you miss the light? Slow LED lighting up will assure your eyes will get accustomed to the slowly growing light. You can choose the speed of sunrise between 15 and 30 minutes. Therefore, the body gets a clear signal to move from the sleep mode to more active form. The WL 32 phototherapy function is great for the winter time when getting up in the dark is a common, though unpopular phenomenon. The awakening will be more pleasant to you, and you will become more energetic through the whole day.  

Beurer WL32 is not just an alarm clock

Not only before falling asleep, you will enjoy the possibility to connect an MP3 player or a phone to your radio via the AUX cable. It will delight your day and night because you can easily listen to your favourite music. The light is not only active when you get up, you turn it on without limitation and it can become your nighttime lamp immediately. In addition, you can store up to 10 favourite radio stations, so you can start the day exactly the most enjoyable way you want.



Control Button
Power Network
Radio type Portable


Number of presets 10 ×
Tuner type FM (VKV)

Other functions

Other functions Alarm, Watch


Interface 3.5 mm AUX input

Dimensions and weight

Width 123 mm
Height 120 mm
Depth 123 mm
Weight 0.18 kg


Colour White


Functions LCD display, Radio, Alarm clock
Backup battery No
Code:  RIOZD002
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  RIOZD002