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BenQ for the MX852UST/MW853UST projector

Ordered on request within 14 days
€174.97 without VAT

This replacement projection lamp is designed for digital DLP projectors, specifically for the BenQ MX852US and MW853UST multimedia projectors. The lamp offers 230W of power and lasts up to 4000hrs in normal use.

Parameters and specifications


Up to 4000hrs in standard mode
Up to 7000hrs in ECO mode


  • Never touch the glass with bare hands. The moisture and grease from the hands can damage the lamp.
  • Use clean and fine material to clean to avoid damaging the lamp.
  • If your projector has a filter, be sure to clean or replace it before installing the new lamp.
  • Some projectors may have a lamp lifetime meter that needs to be reset.

Lamp features

Lamp life 4,000 hr(s) (166.67 d)
Lamp life in ECO 7,000 hr(s) (291.67 d)
Lamp performance 230 W
Code:  WX450x7
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  5J.J8M05.011