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Belkin BSV102

€10.66 without VAT

Belkin BSV102

BELKIN SurgeStrip BSV102 is a quality surge protector in a small compact package designed for smaller appliances. Provides a drawer complete with three-wire AC power protection for effective protection to your valuable electronic darlings. The surge socket is also equipped with an LED indicator for proper functionality and capacity impact energy is 306J.

  • Protects small electronics against dangerous jolts and peaks.
  • Ideal for laptops, small electronics and small kitchen appliances.
  • The durable case protects the circuits against fire, shock and corrosion.
  • It will withstand a shock of up to 306 joules.
  • Three-wire overvoltage protection between phase, neutral and earth conductors
  • LED status indication

This surge protector comes with a warranty on the connected devices. That is, we repair or replace electronic devices damaged by electrical surges or lightning strikes up to the value of € stated on the package.



In the event of damage to the connected device, you must follow the instructions included in each package for overvoltage protection and turn directly to Belkin for the fastest resolution of the situation.

Additional Information:

16A/250 V-/50Hz

Maximum output:

Maximum peak voltage:
6000 volts

Response time:
<1 nanosecond

Maximum peak current:

Shock power capacity:



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Power supply

Supply Fork Type E, Surge protection

Number of outputs

Number of outputs 1


Type Overvoltage protection
Terminate the connector Straight


Colour White

UK Localisation Message


Networks devices insurance 15,000 Eur


Terminate the connector Straight


Number of sockets 1 piece(s)


Maximum current load 16 A
Shock power capacity 306 J
Maximum peak current 12,000 A
Additional Features Light indication


Colour White

Current load

Maximum current load 16 mA
Code:  NX004c7
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  BSV102ca