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Do you want to manage the care of your appearance more comfortably? The BABYLISS hair clipper will help you get the right haircut, elaborate details and precise trimming, thanks to which you will achieve a perfect look for your hair. It will be used for normal use at home or on the road. BABYLISS E976E is adapted for mains or battery power.So you simply choose what to use. In the case of a full charge, the operating time of the BABYLISS trimmer is around 60 minutes. Therefore, it manages to shave more in a row without recharging. The battery reaches full charge capacity in 480 minutes. Durable and high-quality titanium blades ensure perfect cutting of hair or beard. The cutting head with a minimum cutting height of 0.5 mm is a guarantee of accurate hair cutting. The cutting length is a maximum of 25 mm. The BABYLISS E976E is operated in the standard push-button mode.The BABYLISS trimmer is intended more for men.

Important functions of the BABYLISS E976E hair clipper

  • The BABYLISS hair clipper ensures precise hair cutting
  • It will rid you of hair on any part of the body
  • You can use it at home and on the road
  • You will use the mains or the battery to run it
  • The trimmer is operated using the buttons
  • Quality titanium blades precisely cut even thicker hair or beards
  • BABYLISS E976E can handle a minimum cutting length of 0.5 mm
  • It has a maximum cutting length of 25 mm
  • Number of editing options: 24
  • When charged to maximum capacity, it can work for 60 minutes
  • Charging the battery to its maximum capacity takes 480 minutes
  • Purpose: men's

Other useful features of the BABYLISS E976E trimmer

The BABYLISS trimmer allows you to set any length of cut.



Trimmer type For hair
Usage method Regular usage

Power outlet type

Country Czechia


Sharp edge material Titanium
Min. cutting length 0.5 mm
Max. cutting length 25 mm
Number of cut settings 24
Controls With the use of buttons


Functions Washability, Length setting

Operation and power supply

Operation hours 60 min
Charging time 480 min
Type of power source Mains and battery-powered
Power Mains (230V), Battery


Usage Men's
Code:  BABZA231
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  E976E