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The main advantage of this 4-port USB 2.0 hub AXAGON HUE-X6G with OTG is its versatility - you can easily connect it to your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A standard USB A-M connector is available for connecting to a PC. For direct connection to a mobile device, the hub offers a micro USB M-connector. Everything is kept together without the need for further adapters. This unique feature of the USB OTG hub allows you to connect other external devices to your smartphone or tablet, such as mouse, keyboard or a flash drive. With power supply, you can also connect an external hard drive.

The USB ports are placed around the perimeter of the hub, which allows seamless connection of USB devices which have a lot of material around the connector. The cleverly positioned USB slot at the top allows for easy insertion of a flash drive with one hand. A wireless WiFi adapter will also have better reception in this slot.

The versatility of this USB hub is further increased by the built-in microUSB connector for additional power from standard USB chargers sold with mobile devices. With this additional power source, you can, for example, connect an external hard drive to your tablet or smartphone.

The hub has a compact, lightweight and durable body with a nice matte finish which prevents unwanted fingerprint smudges. The subtle blue LED indicates correct connection of a USB device to the hub.

Input interface:
1x USB 2.0

4x USB 2.0

Via USB bus, input for an external AC adapter

4x downstream USB 2.0 port, USB 2.0 upstream port with a pair of A-M connectors and micro USB M mounted on an 80cm cable.
Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1.
Support transmission speeds 1.5/12/480Mbps (low/full/high speed).
Full support for Plug and Play and Hot Plug.
Allows you to connect up to 127 USB devices by cascading.
Detection and protection against current overload.
Subtle blue LED indicates connection of USB devices to the hub.

Support for power via USB bus (bus power) and an internal power supply hub (self power).
Power via USB bus is sufficient in most cases; even when you connect the hub to a mobile phone, the bus power can handle a connected keyboard, mouse and flash drive.
Integrated micro USB connector for dedicated power to the hub - useful for connecting an external hard drive.
For self-power mode, you can use a standard USB charger with micro USB connector which is sold with most mobile devices.

Additional information:
Dimensions: 60 x 22mm.
Weight: 63g (including USB cable).
USB cable length: 80cm + 10cm branch with a micro USB connector.

Supported operating systems:
MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 /8.1/10 and later, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and later (all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows supported), Mac OS X 10.4.x and later, Linux kernel 2.6.x and later, Android (check that your device supports connection of USB devices, installation of OTG might be required).
Note: The drivers are part of the supported operating systems and will be installed automatically. No other driver is necessary/available.

Package contents:
USB hub with fixed USB cable with a length of 80cm.

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Data and printing

Connectors USB micro-B 2.0, USB-A 2.0 F
Data interface USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s)

Number of outputs

Number of outputs 4


Type Hub
Cable length 0.8 m
Code:  AG200a20d
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  HUE-X6G