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Instead of making more work by pulling the power cable to a remote location where you have a desktop computer, will certainly be better to connect wirelessly. Network card fits into the PCI Express slot and is a very simple upgrade to your computer. Almost every desktop computer is equipped with this slot, including spatially smaller variations (eg. SFF). After a short installation card connects to a wireless network at speeds up to 300Mb/sec for upload and download.

Key Features

  • Simple improvements for WiFi PC connectivity (up to 300Mb/sec)
  • Possibility to connect the antenna itself on a better place (R SMA)
  • Modern transfer security (WEP data encryption, WPA and WPA2)
  • WPS button for quick setup of a secure wireless connection
  • Software AP mode to connect your laptop or gaming console

Without a password

The quick wireless setup provides hardware WPS button. Just press it on the card, and then also press the WPS button on the router. You have the connection ready instantly without a password and a further delay.

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Wi-Fi Parameters

WiFi WiFi 802.11n, WiFi 802.11g, WiFi 802.11b
5 GHz Band No
2.4 GHz Bandwidth 300 MB/s


Interface PCI Express
Transmission speed 300 Mb/s


Function Detachable antenna, WPS
Code:  NM301p
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  90-IG1U003M00-0PA0-
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