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Gaming Consoles


RAM (Random-Access Memory) refers to a computer's operating memory. This is type of memory stores data currently being used. It allows you to read or write data to any memory location, which makes it extremely fast. However, all data collected is lost when the computer is turned off. Therefore, it serves as a temporary repository for computer work, laptops, and also mobile phones and tablets.

Virtual Reality

VR or virtual reality is a hardware and software simulated environment that gives users the illusion of the real world. VR is usually used within the mobile and computer segments and can simulate game environments as well as training programs (e.g. pilot training, combat training, etc.). Virtual reality is viewed using special glasses and powerful hardware is required, usually your computer or phone.


Gaming for multiple players. 


The new generation of game consoles.


FPS stands for frames per second. The larger the number, the smoother the image.


An offer combining several products in one, usually containing a game console and games. 


Playstation Network is a digital network from Sony for owners of PS4, PS3 or PS Vita consoles.


"Plug and play" technology enables simple hardware detection, whereby a device can be plugged in and used immediately with no setup required.


A device for controlling game consoles and games. The most recent gamepads have improved vibration response as well as built-in motion sensors and speakers, providing a more immersive gaming experience.


Small, portable, handheld devices on which you can play games, watch videos, or view photos.