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Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Headphones: How Do They Work and What to Choose?

The ANC function, Active Noise Cancellation, is becoming a mainstay in more and more headphones, wireless headphones and earbuds. The feature helps to eliminate distracting noises from the environment (when you work out at the gym or ride public transport for instance) and improve your listening comfort. So how does this feature work and what are its pros and cons?

Dual-link DVI vs. Single-link DVI

In addition to the fact that DVI can be adapted to transmit a purely digital DVI-D signal or a combination of analog and digital DVI-I, there are two different versions that differ in data throughput. The original version is called single-link, and you can get by with it on all Full HD monitors at the standard 60Hz refresh rate. The dual-link version doubles the bandwidth and can be used for resolutions such as 2,560 × 1,440 at 60 Hz.

How To Choose Wireless Headphones

The best wireless headphones will set you free. No more short cables that are constantly looking to trip you up. These are versatile headphones that can be used when you are working on a PC, watching TV, playing games, or just walking around town, playing sports and travelling.

Electrical Power Input

Electrical power input is the amount of power that flows from the socket or power supply. The output is always lower than the input. This is where the concept of perpetual motion comes into play, because there will always be some energy loss (thermal, motion or sound). This creates the difference between input power and output power.

WiFi 802.11ac

Standard 802.11n – WiFi 4 může komunikovat v obou pásmech (2,4 i 5 GHz) a díky technologii MU-MIMO (vícecestné šíření signálu) přináší solidní reálné rychlosti. Zde je důležitá právě technologie MU-MIMO, díky které dokáže WiFi router komunikovat vysokou rychlostí s více zařízeními současně.

Types of Laptop Adapter Connectors

Laptop adapters are used to power and charging a laptop's battery. In addition to the adapter provided by the manufacturer, it is possible to use other models. It is crucial to select an adapter with the correct connectors. What are the basic types?

Luminous Flux

Luminous flux expresses the amount of light that comes from the source and is measured in lumens. Different wavelengths of light and the sensitivities of the human eye are taken into account. Simply put, more lumens means brighter light and less lumens means dimmer light from your lightbulb.

Climate Class

Climate classes (T, ST, N, SN) indicate the optimal outdoor temperature in which a freezer will operate. If the outdoor temperature is outside of the recommended range, the freezer's energy consumption increases, which may affect its performance. If a freezer is designated two or more climate classes, this means it will function throughout the whole temperature range. For example, a freezer designated SN-N-ST will operate in an ambient temperature of 10-38 °C.

Screen Size

The diagonal is the distance between two opposite corners of the screen, indicating the overall size of the display. It is usually written in inches (”) and does not include the variously wide screen bezels, so the final size of the device is usually slightly larger.

4K Resolution (Ultra HD)

4K technology offers four times the detail when compared to FullHD, so when you look at your favourite movie on a 4K TV, you'll find details you've never seen before.

VESA Mounting

VESA uchycení je normou, která usnadňuje orientaci zákazníka při nákupu držáku k televizi nebo monitoru. Sjednocuje vzdálenost upevňovacích otvorů, tedy rozteč, na zadní straně televize a držáků. Jak to funguje a jak se v číslech orientovat, zjistíte v našem článku.

Owen fan

The fan located in the rear wall of the oven circulates hot air and ensures faster heating. The hot air heating is enabled thanks to the turbine built around the fan. In this owen, food is cooked on several levels at once. Convection oven saves energy.


V parametrech sluchátek se setkáváme s pojmem impedance. Jedná se o parametr, který by se neměl podceňovat. V podstatě totiž vyjadřuje to, jak moc dobře - nebo jak moc špatně, si vaše sluchátka budou rozumět se zdrojem zvuku, telefonem, přehrávačem nebo receiverem.

Refrigerator & Freezer Terms

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