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Arduino Micro

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Arduino Micro

Arduino is an Open Source platform for easy design and development of electronic programmable devices. It is especially suitable for fast prototyping of toys, devices and control applications without the need for deep knowledge of electronics principles. Without the need for soldering and with a simple development environment and programming language, you can create for example, serious monitoring devices with different sensors, or build a remote controlled robot.

Arduino Micro is a minimised development board with an AVR ATmega32u4 microcontroller. With functionally identical to the Arduino Leonardo version, it is adapted for insertion into the non-solder contact. The input and output pins are therefore brought to the underside of the board. To minimise size, the external power connector is missing and the USB connector is reduced to the microUSB version. Compared to the previous versions, it differs mainly in that the ATmega32u4 has an integrated USB interface support, so there is no need to use an external converter. As a result, Arduino Micro can report in Windows as a mouse or keyboard or as a virtual serial port. The board itself contains 20 digital inputs/outputs, 12 of which can be used as analogue. Also, one LED which can be controlled, is connected to the board. Other optional peripherals must be connected separately.

The advantage of Arduino is simple connection to the computer and simple programming. Arduino Micro is equipped with a mini USB connector and connects to a PC as a serial port. Custom programming is done in a simple Arduino IDE environment using a language derived from Wiring. The code is clear and separates the programmer from the complex hardware configuration.

Parameters and Specifications:

Chip: ATmega32u4
Frequency: 16MHz
Memory: 32kB, 4kB used by bootloader
SRAM: 2.5kB

Inputs and outputs:
20x digital input/output (Serial port, external interrupt, PWM)
Up to 12x analog input

Micro USB 2.0, natively
SPI connector, I2C

4.8 x 1.77cm

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