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ARCTIC Z-1 black

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4USB Possibility to fix the position Simple installation (placing it took me about 10 minutes) Sufficient strength
Nothing, I am satisfied
Saving space on the desk, ergonomic workplaces USB hub fits monitor goes rotated on a vertical
Easy installation thanks to tack on the table. Usb hub.
Short arm. Utažitelný hard enough for joint tack to the monitor and the monitor itself sometimes folded. M5 screws supplied, the monitor I M4.
Easy installation saves space on the desk height comfort
Solid construction USB HUB holders Kable saving desk space
Price Flexibility storability I bought it on the monitor 24 "BenQ RL2455HM, I fit perfectly, I can set it jakoliv want.
The split ring me wrong data to the pipe without hammer, nprilis is small and it's with them the power to move
a bit of a play around with the length of the screw which secures the stop and it will be more perfectly
setting stop
The price may seem high, especially when today usable 22-24 "LCD cost up to 120 EUR, but this is to invest retaliate. It saves space on the table, but mainly the comfort and zoom rotation monitor is priceless. Constructs is very tight, I have a 24 "LCD tv tuner and speakers, strange wreck heavier than a typical monitor drziak not even know that any weight is hanging, even large 27" LCD will have no problem. Excellent su eye on the cables in the joints, the monitor on the desk looks as if they were vznasal, it's very elegenatne RESOLUTION especially when date Base holder on the table from a side portion. no drilling into walls, simple installation, in 10 minutes done (and neratam Baccalaureate over as team put the unfortunate brake).
Brake ide rather difficult to deploy, thus tightening Screws 3mm shorter than would be ideal, so initially I drziak mounted on a stand without it, but after half an hour the drziak he moved on par cm at the bottom (does not move under the weight - hanging 24 "LCD - but in the handling of the articulations, the rotation handles slid below), so I had that brake ultimately nevertheless gave, but I was sweating.
Wow. Adjust the tension. A lot of screws in the accessory :-)
Nothing ...
Good price / performance ratio. Robust. It includes self-adhesive rubber pads against damage from tightening table bracket. It contains 4 different combinations of the four screws to monitor: 4 mm / 5 mm x long / short.
Harder screw is tightened to fix the tilt of the monitor for - must be tightened with great force.
Hard mechanism for use with 22 "(6.4 kilograms) and holds tight, tilts the usb hub
Simple stand vaha gripping on the table
when you have a narrow one hundred liters, monitor TRCi power forward
After replacing the original screw screw with wings it works perfectly.
Stable, robust construction
Small screw fixation rotation VESA mount
Ma Uska also allows the cables to the monitor screen in height
Problematic montaz (nastoknutie shoulders on rod calls for creative thinking) Caution When mounting on an empty IKEA table which has a hard surface, but the interior of a paper, it is well-founded shoulder a larger piece of wood
Probably the best option in cost / performance ratio simple, but well drzak despite enumerated cons would buy again
The height is adjusted using the loose bolts, and shifted again tightened so that practice of not completely in some angles Hure holding a heavy tightening the screws behind the monitor
I am satisfied.
I have not found anything worth mentioning.
Surprisingly powerful and tight, eyelets for guiding Kablíkové, using versatile, easy assembly, good accessories, black color with me to all the hourly very good positionability.
USB hub could keep the data and prefer a lower price - this is how the data to the bicycle Inflatable ... USB hub has no external power, so it is almost useless ...
Positionability is good, in addition to a vertical direction, which is rather firmly. Supplied screw sleeve on the rod is so short (20 mm), that the sleeve is hardly combined and holds barely thread of one is not a problem it flay. I replaced a normal screw M6x30. Whereas a monitor vertically longer move will not, so it does not matter. Once this initial positioning is complicated: fasten the sleeve, connected to a monitor arm, and the height does not fit, so it again folded, shift sleeve, and slid back to a monitor arm, and so forth (hinge visual displays that it does not carry a human being).
USB hub, a fairly robust processing, positionability the plane yaw (pivot).
short screw on the sleeve, demanding setting the proper vertical position.
saved desktop space positionability holder
if it is difficult to monitor, as I own a 27 "(diagonal greatest possible for the holder) and after tightening the screw joint behind the monitor (tilt adjustment up or down) over time scales permit and monitor tilts the weight down.
simple installation of USB Hub
USB hub could also be supplied with an external powering
Sufficient quality low price - fulfills its purpose
In some angles holding latch worse
super bracket, robust, very dobrénatáčení