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Anker Nebula Apollo

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Anker Nebula Apollo

This product projects an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is perfect for movies and videos. The Anker Nebula Apollo is designed as a projector with a short throw because its minimum projection range is at only 0,58 m. This model will therefore be suitable for those who lack a good deal of space. The native resolution of this particular projector is up to 854 × 480 px. The technology used in this projector is DLP. This projector has a lamp as its light source. This gives it a high luminosity. The maximum diagonal length of the image measures 254 cm. This projector may be placed on the table, on the wall, ground and tabletop or on floor. With a weight of 0,455 kg, this is a mini projector.

Anker Nebula Apollo Projector Key Features

  • Resolution of up to 854 × 480 px
  • Technology used: DLP
  • Light source: halogen
  • Graphics interface available: HDMI
  • Additional connectors include: USB, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Anker Nebula Apollo can be installed on table, on the wall, ground and tabletop or on floor
  • Thanks to DLP technology, the image will have high contrast with consistent colours, and it will display dark shades well
  • Among the supported features are: Miracast and Battery-powered
  • Additional equipment: speakers, integrated battery and bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 7 × 13 × 7 cm
  • Total weight: 0,455 kg

Functions and Resolution of the Anker Nebula Apollo Projector

The Anker Nebula Apollo projector throws an image in FWVGA resolution. That means 854 × 480 px. The thrown image has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it suitable for showing movies and videos. It also has a miracast function, which allows you to send an image to the projector wirelessly.

Projector Brightness and Screen Quality

The projection has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it perfect for showing movies and videos. The product should be installed at a distance of between 0,58 m and 3 m from the display surface. The lamp inside has a lifespan of 30000 hr(s). The Anker Nebula Apollo projector achieves a maximum brightness of 200 ANSI lm, so the projector is best suited for very dark places.

Anker Data Projector Equipment

The projector may be installed on table, on the wall, ground and tabletop or on floor. Installing the projector on the wall is perfect if you have little space in the room. The projector has legs to stand on, so it can be placed on the ground. You can place it on the table or on the floor. It just depends on your needs. Placing the model on a table will be more convenient if you need to move it around a lot. You will not need speakers because this model of projector has integrated ones. It can run on batteries, so you can take it wherever you want. This projector is Bluetooth compatible. The connection is possible via the HDMI interface. It can also be connected to with USB, WiFi and Bluetooth adaptors.

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Projection screens

Minimum throw distance 0.58 m
Maximum throw distance 3 m
Maximum picture size 254 cm (100 ")


Natural Resolution 854 × 480 px
Aspect ratio 16:9


Technology DLP
Lighting Halogen
Luminance 200 lm
Lamp life 30,000 hr(s) (1,250 d)
Noise 30 dB


Graphics inputs HDMI
Other inputs/outputs USB, WiFi, Bluetooth

Features and functions

Location Table, On the wall, Ground, Tabletop or on floor
Function Miracast, Battery-powered
Equipment Speakers, Integrated battery, Bluetooth


Width 7 cm
Height 13 cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 0.46 kg
Code:  ANKER7a
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  D2410G11
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