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easy and efficient
effectively reduce vibrations quite firm almost ie do not break. that the assembly will not have to mess around with it and worry about whether it will break for him when he will pull more
I have nothing to reproach
What can I say ... better than screws :-) vibrate in case
I'm happy
a significant reduction in noise flexible but sturdy material (time will tell how "solidify"), the "stacking" another fan or + Router ... easy installation
obsas breaks
Excellent solution for soundproofing
super fan on linking the two together !!!
possible price: - /
You do not need to screw flexibly. Nedrnčí case.
I do not know.
holds firm
worse handling, if less space in the cabinet - a lot of stretches
The amount fixed for the price
Too rigid, insufficiently insulated material very stiff Not if there is a thread in the sheet and not in the fan (CM350 front case fan)