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Compact cooler with extra low profile (30 mm) is proven in a very small format computer systems, such as SFF and Mini ITX. It is itself capable of reliable waste heat removal (TDP) of up to 73 watts. As a result, higher-end processors such as the Intel Core i3, older Core 2 Duo, and some Core i5, will also cool down. If you help him with fresh air stream by a fan, you can go even higher.

Key features

  • A greatly designed low profile radiator
  • Copper core and aluminum passives
  • Ribs shaped around the fan
  • Fan with S-Flow and HDB bearings
  • Wide compatibility with Intel sockets

Small size, great performance

In order for the heat to be vented from the passive section, it was necessary to use every bit of space. The aluminum cooler, therefore, absorbs warmth from the copper core and is designed around the fan with efficient S-Flow blades to make the most of cold air faning. The fan has advanced HDB bearings for long life and minimum noise levels, which also supports automatic speed control over PWM.

Simple to use

The Intel-approved plug-in system ensures easy installation, and compatibility, with the older socket 775 and socket family 115x, without any further mounting. The pins will automatically move to the correct position. On the underside of the radiator a layer of effective heat conducting paste is also prepared. Just put it on.

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Cooling By air
Weight 220 g


Backlight colour No backlighting

Fan speed

Minimum Speed 600 RPM
Maximum speed 3,000 RPM
Maximum loudness 28.71 dB
Airflow 33.5 CFM (56.92 m3/h)
Speeds control Automatic speed control
Fan diameter 74 mm


Intel socket 1200, 775, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156


Width 87.2 mm
Height 29.5 mm
Depth 85.2 mm
Code:  CT278h4
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  AK-CCE-7106HP
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