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ADATA D8000L Power Bank 8000mAh Orange

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ADATA D8000L Power Bank 8000mAh Orange

Feast your eyes on the ADATA D8000L, a high-capacity power bank and powerful LED flashlight all in one. One whole side of the device is actually an LED panel with 4 lighting modes. The waterproof and dust-resistant body holds 8,000mAh for charging your mobile devices. This is even enough for fully charging up to three ordinary smartphones or one tablet. Two Micro USB connectors are made available so that you can charge two devices at the same exact time. No matter where you go, your orange D8000L will be able to solve loads of difficult situations.

Power Bank 8000mAh modrá

It  Can Survive in Any Environment

From way up top on the peaks of the greatest mountain ranges to your favourite sandy beaches, you can always rely on the powerful LED panel to light up the way and its handy power reserve to bring your phones, tablets, GPS and other devices back to life. The D8000L meets the IEC IP54 certification standards, so it is able to resist water and dust and withstand impact.

Power Bank 8000mAh modrá

4 Lighting Modes

One entire side of the D8000L power bank is dedicated to light. 200 lumens will cast away any feelings of darkness. There are four modes of illumination: standard, ambient, blink and SOS. The device can act as a light source for up to 17 hours, whether you use it for fun or for your safety.

Power Bank 8000mAh modrá

Indented Surface on the Back

The clever design makes it possible for the D8000L power pank to function as an improvised stand using almost anything. You can insert a coin or a credit card into the indentation on the back side, which makes the device stand on its side to provide you with a nice reading light.

Power Bank 8000mAh modrá

Eyelet for Hanging Up the Device

And yet another clever design! The eyelet located on one of the corners of the power bank will be difficult to miss. In fact, you will be grateful for this little thing if you enjoy the possibility of attaching it to a cord in your tent, or to a carabiner on your backpack.

Outstanding Security

If you thought that was all, you thought wrong. The D8000L also offers two charging connectors for charging two devices at the same time. Apart from the fact that the power bank is designed as a durable device, it is equipped with protection against excessive charging and discharging, overvoltage, overheating and short circuiting.

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Width 75 mm (7.5 cm)
Height 154 mm (15.4 cm)
Depth 23.3 mm (2.33 cm)


Capacity 8,000 mAh


Determined for Mobile phones and tablets


Number of outputs 2
Outputs USB
Output current 2.1 A
output voltage 5 V


Input Micro USB
Output current 2 A


Features and functions Fast charging, LED flashright
Cable Micro USB


Weight 270 g
Code:  DU120a9k2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  AD8000L-5V-COR
Links: Manufacturer's Website: