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Action SET - Gluco Navii NFC + Gluco Glucometer + 50 Strips

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Action SET - Gluco Navii NFC + Gluco Glucometer + 50 Strips

The SD Gluco Navii NFC with 50 test strips in a pack with 50 Gluco Navii NFC is a great help with GDH-FAD glucose measurement. Knowing and checking the blood sugar level should help all diabetics take control of their disease to prevent any serious complications from this disease. The other main advantage of a non-coded meter is that it is very easy to operate, eliminating the need to calibrate the device with a coding chip. The measurement itself lasts only five seconds, with only a very small drop of blood being enough i.e. about 0.5µl. In addition to the blood glucose meter, test strips with a unique sampling sensor and a disposable needle pen are also required.

Key features of the Gluco Navii NFC Glucometer

  • Glucose level meter without coding
  • Very easy to use
  • Large and easy to read display
  • Memory for 500 measurements including date and time
  • Download data to Smart Application (NFC) or USB to PC
  • Up to four-time alarms including Hypoalarm
  • Automatic power off
  • Pack of 50 test strips

Detailed overview of measurement results

The device has a large and easy-to-read display.It offers memory for 500 measurements with date and time, and a "pre-meal" and "after-meal" symbol.For a brighter overview of measured results, see the monthly, weekly and weekly average of the measured values before and after meals.The downloaded data can be downloaded wirelessly via NFC to a smart free application or via USB to your computer. A utility is an alarm that alerts you to the measurement, and you can set up to four-time alarms for different measurement times. Hypo Alarm is also available to warn of hypoglycaemia. The power supply of the Gluco Navii NFC is provided by easily replaceable and standardized batteries. It also comes with automatic shutdown.
Parameters and Specifications:
Plasma equivalent
Blood source:
Fresh full capillary blood or venous blood
Measuring range:
Package contents:

  • apparatus
  • 50× SD Gluco Navii NFC measuring strips
  • 1x sampling pen (autoland)
  • needles (lancets) into the pen
  • 1x 3V DC battery, CR 2032 lithium battery
  • 1× Travel Case
  • Complete instructions
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Power supply Battery
Functions Diameters
Calibration needed No
Measuring range 33.3 mmol/l


Number of stripes 50
Code:  SDBGL003
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  9656