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Acer C202i LED

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Acer C202i LED

This projector projects at an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it perfect for showing movies and videos. The Acer C202i LED is known as a short-throw projector because its minimum projection distance is only 0,7 m. The projector is therefore ideal for very tight spaces. The native resolution of this model is 854 × 480 px. The technology used by this projector is DLP. LEDs are used as a light source. This means that the model is relatively small and has a lower consumption. The maximum diagonal of the image is 73,66 cm. The minimum is 254 cm. This projector may be placed on the table. Weighing 0,35 kg, this is a miniature projector.

Acer C202i LED Projector Key Features

  • Maximum resolution of 854 × 480 px
  • Technology used: DLP
  • Luminance from led
  • ECO mode for a lifespan of up to 30000 hr(s)
  • Graphics interface: HDMI
  • Additional connectors: USB and Audio output jack
  • Acer C202i LED is installed on table
  • Thanks to DLP technology, the image will have high contrast with consistent colours, and it will display dark shades well
  • Among the supported features you will find: Multimedia player and Battery-powered
  • Equipment included: speakers and integrated battery
  • Weight: 0,35 kg

Functions and Resolution of the Acer C202i LED Projector

The Acer C202i LED projector is capable of projection in FWVGA resolution. That means 854 × 480 px. The thrown image has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is perfect for movies and videos. The maximum possible image resolution is 1600 × 1200 px. You will be able to enjoy various forms of content with multimedia support.

Projection Screen Features and Projector Brightness

The projector image has the aspect ratio of 16:9, making it ideal for screening movies or videos. The Acer C202i LED projects an image with a minimum diagonal of 73,66 cm and a maximum of 254 cm. The projector should operate be at a distance of between 0,7 m and 2,9 m from the screen or wall. The lamp has a lifespan of 20000 hr(s). The Acer C202i LED projector has a maximum luminance of 300 ANSI lm, so it will be necessary to use this projector in very dark rooms.

Acer Data Projector Equipment

The projector may be installed on table. Placing the model on a table will be very convenient for those who will need to move it often. You will not need speakers because the projector has them in its design. It can run on batteries, so you can take it wherever you want. The connection is possible using the HDMI interface. It also offers USB and Audio output jack adaptors.

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Power outlet type

Country Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Austria, Croatia, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia

Projection screens

Minimum throw distance 0.7 m
Maximum throw distance 2.9 m
Minimum picture size 73.66 cm (29 ")
Maximum picture size 254 cm (100 ")


Natural Resolution 854 × 480 px
Display resolution 1600 × 1200 px
Aspect ratio 16:9


Technology DLP
Lighting LED
Luminance 300 lm
Lamp life 20,000 hr(s) (833.33 d)
Lamp life in ECO 30,000 hr(s) (1,250 d)
Maximum power consumption 30 W


Graphics inputs HDMI
Other inputs/outputs USB, Audio output jack

Features and functions

Location Table
Function Multimedia player, Battery-powered
Equipment Speakers, Integrated battery
Contrast 5,000:1


Weight 0.35 kg
Code:  WX376n7
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  MR.JR011.001