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The Speakers ABA-T4SS gives life to perfect stereo sound you have always wanted. Thanks to its 32 W power output, the speaker can easily handle the entire frequency range from 75 Hz to 20000 Hz, from the purest highs to dynamic bass. The standalone subwoofer can handle the audio range between 75 Hz and 20000 Hz. The ABA-T4SS speakers allow you to truly appreciate every single tone when you are playing a videogame or watching a movie.

ABA-T4SS Speakers Key Features

  • Active (independent) speaker system configuration: 2,0
  • Total performance: 32 W
  • Can reproduce all audio tones between 75 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Subwoofer frequency: 75 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Connectivity options: AUX and USB
  • Wireless technology support: Bluetooth
  • The features include a built-in FM radio
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 130 mm × 215 mm × 185 mm
  • Weight: 3120 g

ABA-T4SS Speakers: Accurate Audio for Your Gaming Console or PC

The active speakers ABA-T4SS can be linked with your PC or laptop via. Or you can do it without any cables at all. The speakers are equipped with modern wireless Bluetooth technology and enable you to stream audio from a compatible smartphone or MP3 player. The speakers also include the FM radio and USB port. Finally, we also have to mention the refined look of the ABA-T4SS.


System type

System type 2.0
Active/Passive Active (independent)
Mechanics without mechanics
Features and functions Radio


Overall performance 32 W
Frequency from 75 Hz
Frequency to 20,000 Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity 87 dB/mW


Technology Bluetooth
Inputs AUX, USB

Speaker dimensions

Speaker width 130 mm
Speaker height 215 mm
Speaker depth 185 mm


Weight 3,120 g


Subwoofer frequency from 75 Hz
Subwoofer frequency to 20,000 Hz

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Code:  AKAI004e
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ABX-T4SS
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