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A4tech Bloody R70 Core 2

€25.89 without VAT

A4tech Bloody R70 Core 2

Made for gamers

This gaming wireless mouse is from the A4tech Bloody design series, which has a long tradition of combining superb design, perfect ergonomics and advanced technology so that you can win every game.
The mouse features a revolutionary motion sensor technology that senses the movement of the scroll wheel and buttons using infrared sensors for faster response and longer life. The Innovative Light Strike technology uses infrared switches to respond at light speeds, with an unbeatable response time of 0.2ms.

Accurate shooting

Compared to the previous model of its Multi-Core design, this mouse has been updated with 6 remarkable innovations including 3 shooting modes. It features auto recoil suppression and concentrated missile impact trajectory so that you can become the champion head-shooter in every game. You can adjust the trajectory and recoil in real time during gameplay either using the mouse or with the Bloody2 demo-supplied software.

Přesná střelba

Your choice

Every player knows the unpleasant experience of having the battery of the mouse die during use. However, if this occurs with your Bloody R70 mouse, you can plug in the USB cable and continue playing or working like with a classic wired mouse.

Accuracy, durability

To ensure that you always hit your enemy, the Bloody R70 is equipped with special metal feet. They resist wear but also have a perfectly smooth surface that keeps the sensor away from the surface and thus increase its accuracy. This mouse is a great accessory, that should not be missed. The scroll wheel has a colour indicator according to the mouse mode selected.

Přesnost, odolnost

Additional information:

  • LAGLESS SHOOTING - shooting delay of only 0.2ms when the button is pressed (normal mouse delay is 18ms)
  • Metal feet - compared to classic mice, they resist wear
  • UNI solution - when the mouse's battery runs out of power, the mouse can be connected using a USB cable for continued use
  • Built-in 600mAh lithium battery
  • Colour indicator for the mouse mode
  • 160kB memory for storing macros
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Mouse Colour

Colour Black


Usage Gaming
Design Suitable for right-handed people


Sensitivity 4,000 DPI
Technology Optical
Response time 0.2 ms


Connecting Wireless
Interface USB

Dimensions and weight

Width 77 mm
Height 41.5 mm
Depth 122 mm
Weight 143 g

Buttons & scroll wheel

Number of buttons
Wheel Classic

Features and functions

Backlighting Multicoloured

Power supply

Battery type Accumulator
Code:  ME444v
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  R70