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A4tech Bloody B120

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Tie gumové tlačítka ASDW sa našťastie dajú vymeniť za normálne (súčasť balenia)
Really excellent keyboard. I bought it in a set for MySky which I have had longer.
waterproof backlight (on the first day, I managed to spill it: D), various functions and macros
Super Gaming Keyboard which is inexpensive and good. Illuminated and below.
Rubberized w, a, s, d which super visible in the dark. Relatively quiet. Podsvietena (4 types luminosity). Gaming mode that turns off the windows button. Abbreviations for music f1-7. Replaceable rubberized WASD normal. Heavy and non-slip.
Cable that you can not equilibrate
super WSAD keys to the game shines :)
possible more colors in podsvieteni (but it's irrelevant) logo still shines (but that's OK)
Excellent keyboard
Pogubomaný W, A, S, D
More vocal than in the description
rubberized keyboard is silent letters "WSAD" thus goes identify where those letters are luxuriously on her writing for me, as someone who writes some sites + occasionally plays games, it is a luxury definitely recommend
perhaps the "AUTO" mistake I had somehow squeezed and squeezed, I '; " and now there's bets on frenetically
Backlight Control key with the possibility of extinction, the possibility of exchanging red for black keys (included), key lock windows.
spokojní good brands
Works seamlessly, good price
While I have nothing nepostrehol
Optional backlit buttons Response Pleasant 3 rubberized buttons for playing games is certainly a good choice! :)
Key-sufficient backlight design
Waterproofed? - Este I have not tested: D
4 levels of red backlight off button WSAD + Win lock
Works price Backlit Rubberized W, A, S, D and packaged classic
I found nothing
Amazing keyboard that I can not speak highly enough definitely recommend to buy, the quality / price / performance succeeded at 100%
5 levels of backlight option to block the function of windows on your keyboard 1ms response Rubberized Rubberized WSAD keys of the keyboard can replace normal (supplied)
Easy to attach to the dust.
very nice design in dark, you see perfectly well with the button on it writes (not at all noisy) tie tlacitka AWSD su parada :-) perfectly with them play games using the program, you may know ponastavovat rozne micro buttons, and the game fast reaction (in game as cs go, BF4, cod ghost so feel it) just really cool retaliates with paying extra few euros, ved 20 Kupi already, but they are ugly scum
These things a4 maju instead Kablo taku cord, it looks great but if you have a table edge, as I am so it was a bit videre, but it does not affect the function of aesthetics only. Behold it unless it is withdrawn from under the table.
The best keyboard around at a given price category. Not superfluous macro keys, which only hinder. Although dedicated multimedia keys would have been a plus. However, it is compact and has a classic layout of keys that have silent running. Also, a robust being after treated, it is difficult and sufficient nekĺže the table. First impressions are very good.
Compact, good backlights classic layout of keys (SHIFT left long, long BACKSPACE, ENTER big) soft keys on the table nekĺže
nothing yet
Super backlight Silikonove WASD
Loud wreckage after rebooting the PC backlight sets itself to the lowest
Decent keyboard with a little more volume. Unfortunately I use the backlight at maximum and it is so so, I would welcome stronger. Gaming features utilized. I like the fact that the backlight does not show unnecessary elsewhere than where it should - that is the key. No leaks or unnecessary lighting somewhere around the keyboard.
Long cables rubberized feet to interesting shaped keys decreasing typos Velky backspace, enter, Left Shift
Backlight could be stronger Chybi Power Off volume control buttons across the FN is impractical Noise generated
Malick Akuru to bag perfect for the bloody set
W is often dirty vdaka grooves while changing profile Bottom character does not change color as the remainder of the device bloody board
auto, turbo function waterproof backlit gaming mod
for the price I am very satisfied ... I have from that firm and the cape, so at least I'm Ladi ... We do not only to those who wish to silence the keyboard, ma away from it :)
backlights price uzamikatelne win adjusting the backlight button option either red or classic WASD cierne protective cable
rather noisy keyboard brand always shines Bloody
super backlight for comfortable gaming ideálka
bit noisier
price function keys
For little money a lot of music
Design Format
"3" on the numerical keypad squeezed ide tažščie
Keyboard I ordered because of a robust water-repellency and weight gain. I would not Unnecessarily high (more specifically debt) keyboard so I has opted for this. I am quite well spokojny herein are cons ... Rating 3.5 * and 4 *
only that najpotrebnejsie (no macros) prijemna vaha- keyboard holding in place with a rubber nozicky nice backlights I have a feeling the response is good water resistance (este som ju neoblial: D But it will not bite)
louder Spacebar (probably due to the addition of a second spring, by strengthening purposes under the spacebar is no hllasnejsi) only Czech version ins tlacitok design as on obrazku- Whereas, used the button with the description of Bohemia thus gave prec those floods "futuristic" for which I was TESIL (floods remained flax red WASD) so you have obyčajný tlacitka as on my old HP: p What uz
Keyboard I have only 1 day. Ma pleasantly surprised backlights in 5 stages. Vrhol am therefore in the test games that I tested. Keys are very strong and silent. But I personally am a nezalubil Silikonove WASD and at the very end of the game I have them exchanged for the classic. It is also a big plus, too dzindzik Bundled with which those keys comfortable changes. Strasne ma irritates the waffle profile on the left side below the wrist pads. Wondering that it is secured on some tape, or maybe vybrusim. I stacked it as a supplement to a branded set. Cape V5, G500 hearing and washers B-072nd Whereas this is my first room and podsvietena keyboard. Medium spokojny.
Overall, 5 speed podsvietenia. A backlight is very pleasant and the night nepali eyes. Very good matieral cable. Rubberized bottom rack. Keyboard is nesmyka. Windows optional locking button.
Silikonove WASD su untouchable, because of the uneven surface. After the game, I had a goat on the fingers irritation. Fortunately, this can be exchanged for a classic. Lavy waffle profile on the wrist pads under more harm than help. Inclined could be wider.
I got it for about six months and I am satisfied. I'm not a 24/7 player, but playing and writing documents, etc ... is very good, quiet, fast, Mr. Vladimir Vacek one minus is wrong - is illuminated (not blue, as stated in the description).
5 levels of backlighting rate - response low-cost quite a bit of music, fashion turbo car +
hand that shines and never stops
Design rubberized WASD gaming (are bundled and classic keyboards) nicely lit (5 degrees) multimedia buttons do not work on WinAmp :-( response and CHERRY MX button full-sized keys CZ: enter, shift, backspace
design quality keys (Cherry MX) Response simple game rubberized WASD (are bundled and classic keyboards) price
multimedia buttons do not work :-( on WinAmp multimedia buttons could be separately and not through the FN key
I poured a little juice on it and it nešla.Som very disappointed.
At that price pretty good keyboard ..
silicone keys WASD possibility of creating macros 5 switchable modes Keyboard
in properties is incorrect description. NOT illuminated. some of the buttons are a bit aušusová some keys (backspace, shift, etc.) rub when pressed.