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HOYA 55mm HD circular

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HOYA 55mm HD circular

The HOYA 55 mm HD Polarized Filter offers a combination of three advanced technologies to ensure perfect results and a wide range of use for today's photographers. Highly transparent and durable film absorbs UV rays and allows 25% higher light transmission than standard polarizing films (the film is not so dark). The eight-layer anti-reflective coating provides resistance to water, grease, scratching and dirt adhesion. The HD frame that the HOYA filter is attached to is extremely thin and allows use on wide-angle lenses. The frame has a front thread. 
Polarization filter is the most commonly used filter in both digital and analogue photography. It is suitable for removing reflections on a non-metallic surface (glass pane, oily skin and the like). Its use is not limited to reflections - it can also darken the sky, adjust clouds and revive colours. It can be used in combination with other filters.
The filter is made of a material that delivers polarizing light only in a certain direction - this reduces the light that passes through the filter. This filter uses a circular way of filtering - so there is no confusion between the exposure meter and the autofocus sensor. It is therefore particularly suited for autofocus and digital cameras. To maximize the filtering effect, it needs to be rotated by its rim and viewed in the viewfinder or on the digital camera display. 
Parameters and Specifications:

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Filter type

Filter type Polarising filter, Circular filter


Filter diameter 55 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Surface finish HD
Code:  HO003
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  POLC55HD